10 Days and Counting.

There are now 10 days to go until the deadline for contributions to the Avicenna Roadmap closes.


The Roadmap is the key element of the Avicenna project, it will be used to describe the route by which in silico techniques of computer simulation will be introduced into clinical trials, the studies that are routinely conducted to establish the safety and efficacy of new medical interventions. The Roadmap will summarise all the discussions and views gathered during the Avicenna project’s different events, and will be used by the European Commission as a guide for future investments. A final draft of the Roadmap was released to project experts during Avicenna Event 5 – in Barcelona.

We are now calling for all contributors to make final suggested edits before the 10th August 2015 deadline. After this the document will be sent for publishing and provide the foundations for the formation of the Avicenna Alliance, The Association for Predictive Medicine.

The Association for Predictive Medicine will be an association of industry and research organisations that have a commercial or research interest in in silico medicine. By working with members and policy makers to identify bottlenecks to in silico research and marketing of in silico products, the Avicenna Alliance will establish itself as the go-to organisation for all things related to in silico medicine in the EU policy environment.

If you would like to contribute to the Roadmap, please download the document and send editing suggestions back to, with tracked changes, before 10th August 2015.

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