in silico Clinical Trials in action

SimOmics, a spin-off company from the University of York, is developing in silico Clinical Trials software to inform decisions on trial design and predict long-term effects of drugs and healthcare products in a bid to eliminate the need for animal and patient trials, enabling manufacturers to focus on products most likely to succeed.

Initially funded through standard research council grants and departmental PhD studentships, the team decided in 2012 that the technology had reached a stage of potential commercial value, and decided to form a spin-off company.

The SimOmics team has just been awarded, as part of a larger consortium at the University of York, a project to develop a virtual laboratory for infectious diseases, focusing on computer based simulation of different therapeutics in the treatment of Leishmaniasis, a neglected tropical disease. Over the next three years SimOmics will be raising funds to move to San Diego, where there is a large market of Biotech Companies and local expertise which will allow them to expand their operations.

For more information you can read a recent article in The York Press.