Roadmap Writing Well Underway

The ultimate aim of the Avicenna project is to create a research and technological development Roadmap for in silico Clinical Trials, and the writing of the final version is well underway.

Around 500 experts with a wide range of expertise, from Regulatory specialists to Virtual Product Development engineers, have been invited to contribute to the Roadmap document, and as the main authors complete the final drafts of each chapter they are being sent out for review and editing by the experts.

The Roadmap will summarise all the discussions and views gathered during the project’s events, and will be used by the European Commission as a guide for future investments, setting out the research and funding needed to make in silico Clinical Trials a reality.

If you would like to contribute to the Roadmap as an author, editor or reviewer, please contact us at

The latest copies of the draft chapters can be found on the Roadmap Page.